A $47,000 lunch, on a weekday afternoon. Why not?

At Buyan – a fine dining Russian restaurant – on 10 Duxton Hill, Singapore, lunch can be a very decadent affair with a lavish mix of beluga caviar and Cristalchampagne propelling the tab into the thousands easily.

I spoke to Vernon Doray, Senior Director of Buyan Pte. Ltd and he tells me spending of such magnitude is run-of-the-mill in this Britsh-styled service establishment.

The $47,000 title was cinched by a group of 6 – who had a six course fine dining meal costing $750 ++ per head and over $36,000 on wine to wash it down.

The Friday afternoon I was there – a table of three casually dressed gentleman in slacks and polo t-shirts spent slightly over $4,000 on lunch. With the Iranian Beluga Caviarcosting $30.00 per gram – it is easy to see where the money goes.

Doray says the bulk of their  clientèle are bankers, brokers and big-shots who appreciate the finer things in life –  including this city’s most famous elderly statesman who recently enjoyed a bottle of wine from his year of birth in the restaurant’s elegant private dining room. Buyan, by the way, is also the winning bidders behind the record breaking purchase of the world’s oldest shipwrecked champagne – an 1841 Veuve Clicquot for $53,000 SGD. It sits within the restaurant’s 5 million dollar collection of rare wines and champagnes.Buyan_private-dining-room-600x389